Why Nylon Lenses?!

Why Nylon Lenses?!

We know that you have already heard and read a lot from our posts about nylon lenses, but you probably don't know the reason why Enzo Attini has chosen this material in the production of the eyewear collection

It is important to understand the benefits and characteristics of this material.

Nylon is a transparent material technically known as polyamide and it is a super UV-resistant, transparent, light weight crystal material.

Nylon lenses have several advantages compared to other materials such as: polycarbonate and glass.

The impact and scratch resistance of nylon lenses contribute to their durability and longevity. They are designed to withstand various situations where the eyes may face bumps or scratches, providing reliable eye protection.

The flexibility of nylon lenses, which allows them to return to their original shape after bending, enhances their durability and resistance to frequent shape changes. This makes them particularly suitable for sports activities or situations that involve frequent movements and changes in the position of the glasses.

Another advantage of nylon lenses is their weight, which is lighter compared to other materials and this makes them more comfortable for extended use, especially during activities that require frequent movement and optical sensitivity.

An important aspect is the absence of BPA (Bisphenol A) in nylon lenses. BPA is a chemical substance that can have a negative impact on human health, and the use of BPA-free materials is an important aspect for the health and safety of eyeglass wearers.

Optically, nylon lenses offer a better performance by reducing chromatic aberration compared to other materials like polycarbonate and glass. This means that wearers can experience clearer and more color-sensitive vision, which is particularly beneficial in activities where accurate optical performance is crucial, such as in sports.

The fact that nylon lenses are considered greener compared to other lens materials, like polycarbonate, is an important consideration for environmental sustainability. By choosing nylon lenses, Enzo Attini demonstrates a commitment to reducing the impact on natural resources and producing less harmful waste during the production process.

Enzo Attini's decision to use nylon lenses in their eyewear collection highlights their dedication to providing high-quality products that prioritize durability, comfort, optical performance, safety, and environmental consciousness.


Nylon Lenses -> the best choice for high end polarized sunglasses!


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