Luxury watches with Italian design and Swiss movement seem to be a high commodity in our time. Many brands advertise "cheap" luxury design watches, claiming to "cut out the middleman," "eliminate the manufacturer markup," and sell luxury watches "direct" to consumers. However, advertising luxury watches at lower prices and actually producing them are two different things. Many brands simply sell simple watches with Simple Movement inside and pass them off as affordable luxury watches. Usually, watches with Italian Design and Swiss Movement have prices 4-5 times higher than their simple counterparts. These watches sometimes cost more than $1000 ...


We have realized that famous brands sell their names rather than their products: this is how they control the luxury watch industry and the market. ENZO ATTINI offers authentic luxury watches at a air price starting from $599 with 10-year international warranty and free express shipping worldwide. The watches are designed by the best Italian artisans and the case back of each watch features a different and unique engraving of some of Italy's most iconic places, from which the watch model draws its inspiration. Our watches have inside the best Swiss Movement, so you have a watch that you can inherit.

“Italian Collection,” represents the great tradition of Italian design and its heritage, but also incorporates Swiss Movement inside the mechanism of these well-crafted watches. Enzo Attini produces excellent Watches at competitive prices and with an astonishing high quality. Our attention to the smallest details gives life to our watches!


Every Enzo Attini watch has a story to tell!

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